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Why Study with IHECP?

Many students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities are leaving high school expecting to go on to college and transition to work and community life. However, until recently, these individuals have had limited access to higher education. Now, thankfully, students with different abilities have options.

If you’re a student with a learning, intellectual, or developmental disability and you have higher education goals, IHECP may be a good fit for you.

Learn more about the benefits of college.

What are your education goals?

The IHECP helps students who are interested in:

  • Advancing their academic knowledge and committing to lifelong learning
  • Continuing their emotional and social growth to make meaningful relationships, strengthen their self-determination, and increase their confidence.
  • Engaging in experiences that can develop into a career with a higher salary and appropriate duties.

Our students demonstrate exponential growth in the areas of academics, independence, and confidence. The IHECP equips students with the skills and experiences necessary to promote social change and to increase equity among individuals with learning differences.

We believe that higher education is the vehicle for self-empowerment and access to independence, relationships/social connections, and employment, and we want students who have this same belief.