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About the IHECP

We believe that higher education for individuals with disabilities is a vehicle for self-empowerment as it can increase students’ social circles, chances for employment, and independence. The IHECP designs individualized, inclusive college experiences for students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities so they can attend classes, interact with instructors and peers, and explore all that college life has to offer.

Because of services like IHECP, students with learning, intellectual, and developmental disabilities now have more options after high school.

The IHECP is a grassroots organization in Colorado, educating students, parents, K-12 schools, universities, community members, and employers about what students with learning, intellectual or developmental disabilities can do -- rather than what they cannot.

We are raising expectations for, and awareness of, our students’ capabilities and status as contributing citizens in our communities. That’s because, as students pursue their academic interests, they develop their social skills, learn independence, and expand their career options while increasing their earning potential.

Thanks to the success of our pilot program, which launched at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015, we now support students across the Auraria Campus.